How Can We Assist You?

  • Generate value from existing assets
  • Rescue your asset from failure
  • Identify new indications for pharma assets
  • Pipeline building using existing assets
  • Identify Generic Drugs for therapeutic area of interest
  • Development path for preclinical assets
  • Drug lifecycle management & line extension
  • Rare and Orphan disease strategy
  • New mechanism of action, idea generation and proof of concept

Global Value Proposition

  • Comprehensive in-silico technologies and proprietary algorithms
  • Techno-commercial analysis of assets, indications and target portfolio
  • In-vitro and in-vivo profiling of molecules for their activity, efficacy, ADME and toxicity
  • Prior experience in handling the innovative & generic compounds
  • Successful track record of advancing repurposing recommendations to preclinical stage
  • Experience in creating unique patentable value for generic drugs
  • World-class, technology-driven research services

Repurposing Platform


Global Repurposing Integrated Platform (GRIP) consists of a customized drug repurposing database, proprietary repurposing algorithms, in-house analytics engine and visualization tools.

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GRID is a custom made proprietary database leveraging Big data in life sciences, with information from both proprietary and public sources. It contains individual data marts for drugs, diseases and targets; Creates multi-dimensional profiles of biological entities such as genes, pathways, biomarkers and adverse events.

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Analytics Engine & Visualization

Excelra has established a novel analytics engine and visualization tool to identify the hidden connections between drugs, disease and targets. This visualization tool enables scientist to examine both direct and indirect connections as well as known and unknown relationships.

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Current Statistics

Statistics on Drug-Target-Disease associations

  • 70,00,000+

    Drug like molecules

  • 130,000+

    Target - Disease Associations

  • 80,000+


  • 200,000+

    Clinical trial data

  • 100,00,000+

    Data points for
    Drug - Target - Disease relationships


Drug Centric

Involves identification of alternative indications for a given drug or compound present in different stages of drug development life cycle.

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Disease Centric

Identification of drugs that have by not been utilized earlier for a particular disease area of interest builds the core of this approach.

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Target Centric

Involves identification of the new mechanism of action, alternative pathways or enriched diseases for a given target of intrest.

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Rare & Orphan

In house platform and knowledgebase developed for Rare diseases and focused strategy on Neglected & Orphan diseases.

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